Cross-country skiing in a Montreal park

Private courts

Initiation and improvement.


Duration 1 h 20

Bouton reserver

Most of the sessions are given at Parc Maisonneuve in Montreal, but the choice of the park can be changed according to participants' preferences, weather and snow conditions, as well as the quality of the tracing. The place is to be defined with your guide by phone. Do not hesitate to call us at 438 883 2726 to get all the information and that your course is best organized according to your needs.



Cost of activity per person


$ 91 before taxes for a single person (equipment included)

$ 65 before taxes for a group of two (equipment included)

$ 57 before taxes for a group of three (equipment included)

For participants with their own equipment:

$ 64 before taxes for a single person

$ 39 before taxes for a group of two

$ 30 before taxes for a group of three


Most of the time they are private lessons in which the participant is alone with the trainer, but it happens that according to the requests and the schedules of each one, participants not knowing each other are integrated in the same courses. At this time, a refund corresponding to the price difference is made via reservotron, our transactional site. Groups are never made up of more than three 

Equipment list

For information, the clothing recommended for this activity should not be cotton, but synthetic or wool. The advantage of synthetic and wool over cotton is that even wet, these textiles stay warm.

Base layer (thin combination): up and down

Thin intermediate layer: polar

Waterproof and breathable jacket Breathable sports pants

Thin beanie and thick beanie

Scarf or scarf

Pair of thin gloves

Pair of thin stockings

Pair of mittens or gloves warmer (just in case)

Solar cream

Pair of sunglasses

Thermos of 500 ml or 1 l

1 lunch and snacks


To participate in this activity, a health sheet and a risk acceptance sheet must be completed and given to the guides at the start of the activity.

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