Snowmobiles activities


This outing is a four-hour self-guided snowmobile ride in an area of ​​the Piedmont des Laurentides, approximately 1.5 hours by minibus.

To participate in this outing, participants must be over 18 years of age and in possession of a valid license.

The permit is not necessarily a permit issued in Canada.

Cost: for snowmobile drivers = $ 368 before tax.

Cost: for the passengers on the snowmobile = 132 $ av taxes.

Conclusion: The cost of a hike for two people on a snowmobile for 4 hours = $ 500 before taxes.

To book, contact us at 438 883 2726. We will offer different dates available to form complete groups. In fact, groups for snowmobile trips do not leave unless they are composed of at least eight people.