Custom adventures

"C'est Plein Air" organizes for you activities and tailor-made trips, and personalizes its current packages according to your needs and your interests:

· Region (s)

· Type (s) of activity (eg dog sled, cycle touring)

· Thematic entertainment, spa and relaxation

· Physical restrictions


We take into account the personal, professional or academic context in which your project fits, to create a suitable environment:

· Group of friends, couple or family, association or organization

· Works council, group of employees (recreation committee, union)

· School group (teenagers or adults)

We are fully attentive to your project, whether it is a motivational activity (incentive), a reward trip, team buildingind, a birthday to highlight in your family or a winter school trip.

Let yourself be guided. Our expertise is at your service. We will create an unforgettable experience for each of you.

To do so contact us by phone at 438 883 2726 or by email at, we will be happy to concoct imperishable memories.

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