Escalade de glace

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Ice climbing is very important to us because Quebec is the ideal country to learn about this practice.

This activity is naturally a winter activity since it is carried out on ice walls formed by the runoff of water on rocky cliffs.

The tools used for ascension are:

-For hands: ice axes -

For the feet: crampons.

Safety is provided by a rope connected to a harness at the hips of the climber. The principle is very similar to rock climbing, only the medium changes.


Activity cost per person $ 220 (before taxes)

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Important note for people traveling in Quebec, ie not resident in Quebec and therefore not covered by the Quebec health insurance plan. To participate in this activity you must be covered by a travel insurance which covers the activity of ice climbing and present a document which proves it the day of the activity. If your travel insurance does not cover ice climbing, you can apply for insurance (claim) for the day of activity on the TUGO insurance website by opening an account and making a request. for "hospital and medical insurance for visitors to Canada".

For more information see the following link:

The minimum age is 16 years old.

Difficulty level: intermediate

duration: one day

The rendezvous is set at the Jarry metro station at the Berri exit at 10:00.

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Progress of the activity

10 am Departure from Jarry metro

11 am Arrival on the parking lot

11:15 am Theory, safety instructions and first practice

12:30 pm Lunch break at the edge of the cliff

12:45 pm Resumption of the activity

3:30 pm Departure to Montreal

16:30 Arrival


- Travel time: approximately 1 hour, both outward and return

Transport policy

Equipment to provide