Guide and one of the founders of the company, Maëlig Belsoeur has always been passionate about sports and the outdoors. He skied before he even knew how to walk, he says.


Guided by his insatiable curiosity with regard to all disciplines, be they "general public" or more on the margins, Maëlig devotes himself to snowboarding, split board, telemark and skiing Cross-country skiing and cross-country skiing. In addition to winter sports, Maëlig is introduced to water sports by river kayaking, then touching river and sea surfing, and sea kayaking.

Course carries it naturally towards non-motorized activities, allowing it to apprehend more virgin territories, leaving a less ecological footprint. In short, Maëlig appreciates as much the adrenaline of a descent in white water as the contemplation during a hike followed by a night in bivouac.



From surfing the static wave of Munich and the beaches of Baja California to off-piste snowboarding on the slopes of Hokaido Island or the western Canadian Rockies, Himalayas, the Alps and the Pyrenees, Maellig refines its skills by rubbing and adapting to geographical and cultural diversity, in contact with people from all walks of life. But it is in Quebec that Maëlig discovers the contrasting territory and climate

Practice all its disciplines in a wild and safe environment.



The multidisciplinary training of Maellig as a guide in adventure tourism gives him the necessary skills to ensure the safety of groups in more or less extreme contexts and the complex logistics level of expeditions and excursions. He has a strong interest in the scientific aspects of interpretation as well as the environment, a value that colors his experiences. Prior jobs in specialized outdoor

That Maëlig knows the equipment and the suppliers on the fingertips and offers quality material adapted to the specificities of the disciplines and participants. Thanks to his knowledge of the environment, he knows to surround himself with competent collaborators to bring a distinctive touch to the activities and travels, to

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