Dog sleding


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A first discovery outing, '' the classic ''.

A first option that lasts 1 hour in total (40 minutes on sleds), the remaining time being reserved for the preparation of sleds before the activity and a time with the animals at the end of the activity.

Or a second option that lasts 40 minutes in total (40 minutes of sledding) because the dogs are already ready and tagged.

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A longer and more physically intense outing that we call "the sporty". It lasts approximately 3 hours and includes 1 hour of training and 2 hours of running on the sledges.

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The rendezvous is set at the Jarry metro station (Berri exit) in Montreal.

Departure: 10 am

Return: 16h00 pm

Location: in the Laurentians at 1h30 minibus.

Finally, ''the big trip''.

It is a hike of 20 km (2 hours) or 30 km (3 hours), depending on the options. The teams are composed of 4 to 6 dogs depending on the conditions.

Depending on your choice of hiking, there may be a gourmet break in a traditional sugar shack in the middle of the course.

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Appointments are set at the Jarry metro station (Berri exit) in Montreal.

Departure: 7h00 or 11h15

Return: 13h00 or 17h15

Location: in the Lanaudière area at 1h30 minibus.


For the shuttle service

Please make your reservation by clicking on the following link:

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We also offer combinations of activities including dog sledding. You can discover all these products in our "Packages" section.

Important note:

To participate in a dog sled ride, you can make a reservation on our transactional and secure "reservotron" website. Once your reservation and the payment made, we call on the places of the activity, to proceed to the concrete reservation of your places. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.

If the dates you have chosen are no longer available we offer you others.

Finally, if no option is satisfactory for you, we proceed to a full refund.

You can also call us at 438 883 2726 or email us at and we will give you all the details.  

Once the final confirmation of your registration has been validated, no modification or cancellation is possible.

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