Premium: ski touring in Mont Pontbriand


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Level of difficulty: easy

Duration: one day

The appointment is fixed at the Jean-Talon market at 9 h am. It is a day of discovery of a mountainous area, in high-road skiing, more precisely on Mont PontBriand in Rawdon. At 10 pm, after a relaxation session in a local SPA (, the participants will be back in Montreal.


For groups of four or more living on the Île-de-Montréal, we offer a personalized transportation service. We pick up your group and drive you back at the end of the day to the departure address. It's free.

For single people, or groups of 2 to 3 people living on the Île-de-Montréal, we offer this same personalized service. Fees will apply:

3 participants: $ 10 / person

2 participants: $ 15 / person

1 participant: $ 20 / person



- 1 minibus with 9 passengers

- Travel time: approx. 1 h 30, both outward and return journey





Conduct of the activity


10 am Departure from Jean-Talon Market

11:30 am Arrival at the parking lot, installation of the equipment

12 noon Dinner before departure (dinner and snacks not included)

12:30 Start of the activity

4 pm Parking Gathering

4:30 pm Arrival at the SPA

7 pm break for supper (the meal is not included in the price, but the SPA has a catering service).

22h End of the activity





Cost per activity $ 200 before taxes



Equipment list


For information, the clothing recommended for this activity should not be cotton, but synthetic or wool. The advantage of synthetics and wool compared to cotton is that even wet, these textiles remain warm.


Base layer (thin combination): top and bottom

Thin intermediate layer: polar

Waterproof and breathable coat

Sporty trousers and waterproof and breathable pants

Thin cap and thick bonnet

Scarf or scarf

Pair of thin gloves

Pair of thin stockings

Pair of warmer mitts or gloves (in case)

Solar cream

Pair of sunglasses and ski mask

Thermos of 500 ml or 1 l

1 lunch and snacks



To participate in this activity, a risk acceptance sheet must be completed and given to the guides at the start of the activity. The guide will give you the form at the biginning of the activity.