List of equipment for the expedition in Monts-Valin

-Thin base layer: two highs and one low

-Intermediate layer: 2 tops of different thickness and 1 bottom

- Coat and pants waterproof and breathable

-Cap and / or headband

-Choker or scarf


-1 pair of thin gloves

-1 pair of mittens or gloves of medium thickness

-1 pair of thicker mittens

-1 pair of waterproof uppers


-3 pairs of thin socks (or under-stockings)

-3 pairs of socks of average thickness

-Anti steam sock (vapor barrier)

-Boots for the truck

Evening clothes:

-Insulated coat (jacket) for evening and extended stops

-Independent trouser

-booties to keep feet warm (optional: over booties to go outside shelters)

-1 pair of thick stockings for the night

Material related to the activity

-Ski goggles

-Bagpack 30 liters

-Whistle Fox 40

- A gourd with a large neck, the hydration pocket is not recommended because the tube freezes.

- 1 gourd parka

Personal material

-Small personal first aid kit

-Physical medications and prescriptions (beware of freezing)

-Acetaminophen (tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil)

-Health insurance card

-Solar cream for the face

-Lip balm


-Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, etc.)

- Unscented toilet paper in a ziplock bag and a small container of hand sanitizer (Purell)

- Moisturizing cream or Vaseline

Equipment for shelters

-60 liters transport bag (duffle bag type)

-2 Sleeping bags: 0 deg celcius and -10 deg celcius

-1 mattress cover (or fine sheets) to cover the mattresses of refuges.

-1 bowl, 1 cup and plastic cutlery identified

-1 thermos of 500ml

-1 headlamp with spare batteries

-Small bags (bag-o-sec), or resistant plastic bags to keep your clothes and your sleeping bag dry at all times

Recommended / Optional

-Small camera

-1 piece of insulation blanket

To participate in this activity, a health sheet and a risk acceptance sheet must be completed and given to the guides at the start of the activity. You can find these sheets by clicking on the following link. These cards must be printed by the participants.

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