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Located north of Saguenay, the Monts-Valin massif is subject to a microclimate. The accumulations of snow are very important. The trees are completely covered with a thick snowpack, so much so that they are called "ghosts". Skiing in this unique place is a simply unforgettable experience.

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Important note for people traveling in Quebec, ie not resident in Quebec and therefore not covered by the Quebec health insurance plan. To participate in this activity you must be covered by a travel insurance that covers the backcountry skiing activity and submit a document that proves it the day of the activity. If your travel insurance does not cover backcountry skiing, you can apply for insurance (claim) for the day of activity on the TUGO insurance website by opening an account and making a request. for "hospital and medical insurance for visitors to Canada".

For more information see the following link: https://www.tugo.com/en/travel-insurance/sport/


Level of difficulty: intermediate

duration: four days
The appointment is fixed at the Jean-Talon market on March 22, 2019 at 9 am. Participants are back on March 25 at 8:00 pm in Montreal.

- 1 minibus with 15 passengers.
- Travel time: around 6 pm, both outward and return

Prerequisites: To participate in this activity, participants must first participate in a ski touring activity with us.




$ 977 (before taxes) per person.

Expenses must be paid no later than two weeks before departure. These costs include transportation, food, guides and equipment.

Guide tips are not included and are left to your discretion.