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Level of difficulty: intermediate

duration: four days
The appointment is fixed at the Jean-Talon market on March 23, 2018 at 9 am. It is about a stay of discovery of a mountainous sector, ski touring in Monts-Valin in the Nords of Saguenay. Participants are back on March 26 at 8:00 pm in Montreal.

- 1 minibus with 15 passengers.
- Travel time: around 6 pm, both outward and return

Prerequisites: To participate in this activity, participants must first participate in a ski touring activity with us.



Progress of the activity time

March 23

9:00 Arrival of guests - Loading of guest luggage - Welcome speech, interpretation, the day of transport, rules in the vehicle

9:15 Departure

12:00 Lunch break (30 minutes) - Stop in Quebec on a rest area.

3:00 pm Arrival at Monts-Valin National Park. Organization of groups by cottages, distribution of food and instructions for the evening.

4:00 pm Taking possession of the cottages by the participants 4 people per cottage. The cottages are all equipped. The participants are therefore autonomous with regard to the preparation of the meal and the bedtime.

March 24

8:30 am The organizers pass in each chalet to announce the departure at 9:30

9.30 am The organizers pick up the participants by minibus

10:00 am Meeting at the reception. Distribution of hot water thermos, coffee and tea. Presentation of the forecast weather. Group photo

10:30 Departure for 12 km Discount snacks and thermos hot water.

12.30 am Lunch break

15.30 Arrival in the refuges Refuge of the Ulysses

17:00 The guides start to supper dinner 6:00 p.m.

19h00 briefing Explanation of the day after tomorrow

March 25

8:00 wake

8.30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Gathering Explanation on the course and the course of the day.

9:30 am departure Distribution of snacks

12.30 am Lunch break

4:00 pm Arrival at the shelters Pavillon Antoine Dubuc 18h dinner

19:30 Night walk for those who want it If possible with torches

March 26

8:00 am The organizers pass in each chalet to announce the departure at 9:30

9.30 am Departure in ski touring for the 12 km descent

13:00 pm Meeting at the reception. 1:30 am Lunch break Storage of the material by the organizers after the farewell to the guests

14h00 departure for Montreal

20h 00 Arrival in Montreal



668 $ TTC per person on the stay payable on the website of "It's Outdoor" no later than two weeks before departure. These costs include transportation, food, guides and equipment.

And 161 $ TTC per person on the stay to be paid to the SEPAQ for the entry on site, the transport of luggage and the accommodation. Your reservations for accommodation must be made on the website of the SEPAQ before payment on the "It's Outdoor" website for reasons of availability.

 Guide tips are not included and are left to your discretion.

Equipment list


Thin base layer: two highs and one low

Intermediate layer: 2 tops of different thickness and 1 down

Coat and pants waterproof and breathable

Toque and / or headband

Neck warmer or scarf


-1 pair of thin gloves

-1 pair of mittens or glove of medium thickness

-1 pair of thicker mittens

-1 pair of waterproof mittens


-3 pair of thin stockings (or under-stockings)

-3 pairs of stockings of average thickness

- Low vapor barrier

-Boots for the truck


Evening clothes

-Insulated coat (jacket) for evening and extended stops

-pants isolated

-Down booties to keep your feet warm and one-over booties to go outside shelters

-1 pair of thick stockings for the night


Material related to the activity

-Ski goggles

- Backpack of 30 liters for the day

-Whisle Fox 40

-One or two gourds, the hydration pack is not recommended because the tube will freeze.

- 1 gourd parka


Personal material

-Small basic personal first aid kit

-Physical medications and prescriptions (beware of freezing)

-Acetaminophen (tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil)

-Health insurance card

-Solar cream for the face

-Lip balm


-Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, etc.)

- Unscented toilet paper in a ziplock bag, a small

hand sanitizer container (Purell)

- Moisturizing cream or Vaseline

-Petite of personal repair adapted.



Equipment for shelters

-60 liters transport bag

-2 sleeping bag : one 0 deg celcius and an other -10 deg celcius

-1 mattress pad to cover mattresses in shelters.

-1 bowl, 1 cup and identified plastic utensils

-1 thermos of 500ml

-1 headlamp with spare batteries

-Small bags water proof or plastic bags resistant to keep your clothes and your sleeping bag dry at all time.


Recommended / Optional

-Small camera

-1 piece of insulation blanket




To participate in this activity, a health sheet and a risk acceptance sheet must be completed and given to the guides at the start of the activity. You can find these sheets by clicking on the following link. These cards must be printed by the participants.