Development of the expedition in Monts-Valin

March 22

9:00 am: Arrival of participants - Loading of luggage.
9:15 am Departure
12:00 pm: Stop in Quebec on a rest area for a lunch break (30 minutes).
15h00: Arrival at Monts-Valin National Park - Organization of groups by chalet.
16h00: Taking possession of the chalets (fully equipped) by the participants - 4 people per chalet. The participants are therefore autonomous with regard to the preparation of the meal.

March 23

8:30 am: Wake up
9h30: Departure by minibus
10:00 am: Gathering at the park reception - Presentation of the forecast weather. Group photo.
10:30 am: Departure for 12 kms- Discount of snacks and thermos hot water.
12h30: Lunch break
15h30: Arrival in the refuges - Refuge of Ulysses.
6 pm: supper
19h00: briefing- Explanation of the next day

March 24

8:00 am: Wake up
8:30 am: Breakfast
9h00: Gathering - Explanation on the course and the course of the day.
9.30am: departure - Distribution of snacks
12h30: Lunch break
16h00: Arrival at the refuges- Pavillon Antoine Dubuc
18h: Dinner
19h30: Night walk for those who wish it - If possible with torches

March 25

8:00 am: Wake up
9:30 am: Departure for ski touring for 12 km downhill.
13h00: Gathering at the reception.
13:30: Lunch break - Storage of equipment.
14h00: departure for Montreal.
8:00 pm: Arrival in Montreal.

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